Guitars for Kids

Carricks and Kids

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Apply for one of 12 guitars given away during the Noreastr Music & Arts Festival.

Free Guitars? Really?

What’s the catch?

Really, the only catch is that you need to be under the age of 18, have a sincere interest in beginning to play music and you MUST BE IN ATTENDANCE AT THE NOREASTR MUSIC AND ARTS FESTIVAL when those selected are announced (see the schedule in your festival program).

Why would you give away guitars? AVNAF is committed to encourage young people to learn and participate in music and art. So AVNAF’s good buddy Craig Carrick brings a bunch of guitars to the festival each year and we give them away to help young people get started playing music of their own. Pretty cool eh?

How long has Nor-East’r been giving away guitars? We’ve been giving away guitars since 2004.

How do I apply? Stop in at the Carrick Awards/Guitar Giveaway Booth and fill out an application and talk to the gang(look for the bright orange VW Microbus. Let them know why you are interested in playing guitar.

How do we select who will be given a guitar? Well,not an exact science, but we do the best we can to interview each candidate and ask them to fill out a brief application that tells us a little bit about the potential young musician We simply pick young folks that seem to have the most to gain by this offer.

Can I fill out the application for my 3 year old? Nope, your young person should be able to fill out an application on their own to be considered.

How many guitars will you give away? Twelve guitars with cases, extra strings, picks, instructional information such as videos and books-everything you need to get started learning the guitar.

Does everyone that applies get a guitar? No. Please don’t apply if you can’t be a sport about not being selected this year. We hope you’ll apply another time if you were not selected this year.

Ok, so if I was selected to receive this gift of a guitar from Carrick’s Guitar Giveaway and AVNAF, can someone help me get it tuned and show me how to get going? You bet. A very nice lady by the name of Judy Insley, a guitar instructor in Oakland County and a performer will be hosting a workshop specifically for the recipients of the guitar giveaway. She’s going to help you learn the ropes real quick so you can go back to camp or home and try it on your own or with a friend or family member.

How can I support this effort? Send donations. Cash or checks work great or donate a used instrument. Check with Craig Carrick at the guitar giveaway booth for information or email carrickhome1 AT

Rules for winning:

  • Must be under 18 years of age.
  • Must have a sincere interest in music and playing music
  • Must be present at the NorEast’r Music & Arts Festival to be considered