Festival Rules

The rules for Nor-East’r Festival are simple: Be Responsible & Respectful To Others.

To help people with this rule we have a few guidelines that we ask people to follow:

  • NO Pets / No Refunds – (let’s avoid stepping in it & the risk of bites)
  • There are two local kennels that might be able to help you with your pet:
    Antler Creek Kennels  – antlercreekkennel.com  – 989-826-6637
    K9 Cabin  – www.thek9cabin.com  –  989-685-3128
  • Children must be supervised at all times by a parent of guardian. Upon arrival Everyone under 17 should be taken to the “Family/Youth Check In” and outfitted with a special wristband for each youth which contains the parent/guardian emergency information / contact.
  • If emergency services are needed; contact Security or the First Aid booth in the private cubicle within the Children’s area/Merchant’s Building, which is serving as a liaison to Oscoda County EMS. For immediate help contact the nearest AVNAF volunteer and they will get security for you!
  • Individuals under the age of 17 must be in the company of an adult chaperone
  • NO Pets (let’s avoid stepping in it & the risk of bites)
  • NO open fires (it’s forest fire season in Northern Michigan)
  • NO amplified music (we would love you to bring your own acoustic instruments)
  • NO generators (let’s not interfere with sound quality & resting neighbors)
  • NO cruising around with vehicles on the grounds (it’s just not safe for all our pedestrians, especially the kids)
  • Vehicles must be removed from Day-Parking by 12:30 a.m. (don’t make the tow-truck drivers happy) See an AVNAF volunteer if you need to up-grade your ticket
  • Wristbands must be worn on wrists at all times
  • At the Saturday evening bonfire only AVNAF official Keepers of the Flame shall tend the fire! (Again, safety first)
  • All festival attendees, vehicles, camping gear & litter must be removed from the grounds by 5:30 pm on Sunday! (Our clean-up crew wants to go home sometime Sunday too)
  • Campers/trailers must be parked with tongues or front ends facing the road. There must be 4 feet between campers & tents & vehicles.
  • Roadways must remain open.
  • In the field camp, read the marking posts to determine where road is and only park on appropriate side of posted road.
  • Entry or re-entry to the grounds is only Fri from 3pm-10pm, Sat 9am – 10pm, Sun 9am – 4pm. Full admission will be charged for the day regardless of time of entry.
  • Volunteer shirts from this or previous years should only be worn when you are working. (You don’t want to play tour guide on your down time anyway.)
  • UNDERAGE ALCOHOL VIOLATORS Violators of this rule will be turned over to local law enforcement (If you drink underage, you are not only violating the law, you risk our ability to provide further festivals. So, don’t do it!)
  • The role of AVNAF & security is to deter rambunctious behavior violating our 1 rule.

Electric camping permits are available at the Retail/Info booth.

  • One must be displayed adjacent to the outlet with your license plate # written on it.
  • One must be in the window of your camper nearest your license plate.
  • Violators will be unplugged (sorry, but just we can’t afford to finance your power)

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