2019 Workshops

Stargazing (dusk on Friday and Saturday)
Join John French, an astronomer at MSU, as he sets up his portable telescope to view the night skies from northern Michigan (weather permitting). John will be located near the Drum Kiva at dark.

Bonfire and Drumming at the DRUM KIVA (Starts at about midnight on Friday and Saturday)
Grab your drum, your percussion instruments or just clap along as the sky gets dark and the festival hosts light the fire. Join Josh Dunnigan – and if you don’t have a drum, Josh brings a bunch of them to borrow, so don’t miss out on the fun. Acoustic instruments only-sing along drum along, keep it wonderful and enjoy! The DRUM KIVA is located over the hill in the woods. The fire will be lit and tended by the official festival fire dude.

Rick Novak’s Songwriting Challenge (Two Day Adventure in Songwriting)(LOCATION: WORKSHOP TENT)
Starts 10:30 AM on Saturday Session 2 starts NOON on Sunday)
On the first day of this challenge, Rick will assign a few key words to work with and you’ll discuss how they can be used in a song. You take this idea back to your camp and work on a song lyric on the first day-On the SECOND Day you bring your instrument and perform/present your song. It’s a ton a fun and some of the songs are extremely creative, funny, heartfelt, serious or even just plain goofy. Open to all levels of players and all instruments.

Introduction to Finger Picking Guitar
11:30 AM Saturday
The workshop host is Jim Bartz, a NE Michigan native who’s been playing the guitar and writing funny songs for over 50 years. You’re apt to hear a couple of his originals. This workshop will introduce beginning guitarists to the basic elements of alternating bass finger picking in the style of Mississippi John Hurt. Working from a tablature of John Hurt’s “My Creole Bell”, participants will learn about right and left hand techniques and hopefully walk away with the tab in hand and the tune in their head, determined to keep working at it. You can’t master this in a 1-hour workshop but you just might be inspired.

Fun with Kid’s Instruments
(Saturday at 3:30 PM to 4:00 PM)
Julie Sherlock is a vocal and general music teacher at Baldwin Elementary School in Baldwin, Michigan. With a keen interest in diversity and multicultural music education, she currently teaches twice weekly general music, drumming, ukulele, choir and band classes to approximately 300 students from kindergarten through sixth grade. Julie founded and directs a 55-voice children’s choir and a world music drumming ensemble, both of which perform throughout the community. Julie teaches ukulele, drumming and Cajun dance workshops to both adults and children throughout the state, and gives private piano and voice lessons.

Slide Guitar 101

(Saturday at 2:30)
Born and raised in Michigan Kevin has played guitar in various musical groups and as a solo act. He has been an instructor for many years in northeastern Michigan and is also one of the founding members of the Thunderbay Folk Society out of Alpena, MI. This workshop is open to all levels. Please join in!


(Saturday and Sunday mornings at 8:30 AM)
Patty Clark, ERYT, has been offering yoga at Nor-east’r for 6 years now. She’s currently teaching at Stone Turtle Yoga and The Gift in Grayling, MI. She loves being involved in the community offering educational tools for wellness and good health. Completing teacher training in Detroit at The Center for Yoga with Jonny Kest in 1999, she’s been teaching ever since integrating all that she’s learned from her students and teachers along the way. She is grateful to be part of the wonderful Nor-east’r community that gathers for the weekend. Start your morning off right and join her in the schoolhouse!

I Sing, You Sing (kid’s sing-a-long)
1:30 PM on Saturday)
Tina Honecker has been a certified music teacher since 2007. She is currently living in Alpena, MI. Tina is bringing some of her favorite songs that she likes to sing with her students such as Apples and Bananas, Down by the Bay and more. Come sing along on Sunday!

Guitars for Kids – First Lesson with Syd Burnham
(6:00 PM Saturday)
Calling all guitar players! Please help us as we launch young people into a world of music. Right after we locate the children that will take home a guitar, Red Herring front, Syd Burnham, will give the children their very first lesson. We can always use some help getting the guitars unpacked and tuned so volunteer if you can. Parents and family are welcome to join. This is about the kids and we want them to be just as excited as we are!

Intro to Ukulele – First Lesson with Punch Drunk
(6:00 PM Saturday)
Calling all Uke players – we hope to be giving away a bunch of ukuleles to young people at the festival. This is such a handy instrument and so much fun to play and our pals Punch Drunk will be on hand to give our young people their very first lesson.

Gypsy Moon Creations Station & Fairy House Workshop
(Saturday between 10 AM and 3 PM)
This workshop is put on every year by Darcy Kann. Kids ages 5 and up get to be creative and build gnome homes and fairy houses. Come see her on Saturday from 10am-3pm to join in the fun! (Children ages 5-9 must be accompanied by an adult).

Alyson’s Dance – Tap Dance Workshop
(LOCATION: BARN Saturday at Noon)

Join Alyson and her friends and learn the basics of tap dance. This workshop will be presented in the Barn and is open to ALL LEVELS. (Noon on Saturday in the Barn)

Alyson’s Dance Troupe (Performance)
Saturday at 1:00 PM
Alyson will bring her dance students to perform what they have learned and will delight and entertain. This performance takes place in the Barn at 4:30 PM on Saturday.

Hand Drum Workshop

Our pal Josh Dunnigan hosts this workshop and teaches all levels how to bang on a drum and get that special mojo workin. Bring your hand percussion instruments or borrow one of the many instrument Josh will have on tap to get the beat going-and going. Lots of fun for all ages.

Instrument Petting Zoo
(LOCATION: BARN 11:00 AM Saturday)

The young people in the rock band RED HERRING are back to host this workshop designed to give young people a chance to try the instruments in a rock and roll band. Electric guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano and Drums….give it a try, it’s a chance for the children to come and be rock stars for a few minutes-Let’s rock!!! Designed for younger people – but parents are encouraged to watch and take photos.

Song Writing Workshop
(LOCATION: WORKSHOP TENT) (Saturday at 12:30 PM)

Annie Capps and Jen Cass host this workshop and are both known for their wordsmith. Both have an incredible library of recorded original material to back up their knowledge and expertise as songwriters. Discussion will lead you creating your own songs, with your own special and personal character embedded in the tunes.

Song Writing and with Jill Jack
(Saturday at 4:00 PM)
Your host Jill Jack and her company “Dream Big Incorporated” are here to help you get those creative juices flowing, get in touch with your creative side and live your life in song. Jill is well known for her songs and is here to inspire all levels and ages to get the song out of your heart and engage that creative being inside of each of us.
Note that the BARN will be closed between 2 and 5 on Saturday

Note: If there is nothing scheduled at the Jam Tent, The jam tent is open to anyone that wants to jam during the festival . During scheduled jams, it is open to all acoustic instruments, all levels and especially anyone that wants to sing along.
5:00 PM Friday Bluegrass Jam: Hosted by Blue Water Ramblers
7:00 PM Friday Blues Jam: Hosted by Lee Kitzman
8:00 PM Friday World Music Jam – Africa meets Michigan hosted by Samuel Nalangira
9:00 PM Friday Funny/Comical Songs Hosted by Al Gross
10:00 AM Saturday Beatles Jam with hosts Red Herring
12:00 Noon Saturday Folk Songs of the 60s hosted by Blue Water Ramblers
2:00 PM Saturday Songs of John Denver hosted by Jill Jack
4:00 PM Saturday Ukulele Jam hosted by Punch Drunk
6:00 PM Saturday Mellow Rock Jam hosted by Kevin Ballmer
Noon Sunday Gospel Jam hosted by Blue Water Ramblers
2:00 PM Sunday Two Chord Jam – Hosted by Punch Drunk